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Poverty Alleviation
Progress Report

Bangladesh organised a seminar in 2003 on this area. However, during the last reporting period (May 2006-June 2007), Bangladesh could not undertake any specific activity, in terms of holding seminar/ workshop/ training programme in this critical area of cooperation. Bangladesh, however, intends to hold a meeting in the next phase to discuss possible areas of cooperation in poverty alleviation.

There is one observation that the concerned Ministries/ authorities in the government made for consideration of the Senior Officials’ Meeting. Given that the nature of cooperation in ACD has remained essentially in terms of holding Seminars/Workshops, the national authorities underlined that focus should be given by ACD leadership on development of concrete projects, supported by advanced ACD member states. Therefore, in poverty alleviation, challenges and subsequent national actions stand determined. They now require to be translated in specific initiatives/ projects.

As for contact person for subsequent communication, it would be as follows:

Mr. Masud Bin Momen
Director-General (UN, SAARC, BIMSTEC & ACD)
Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Tel: (8802)-956-2106
Fax: (8802)-956-2504

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