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  ACD Cooperation Projects / Result of Prime and Co-Prime Movers Consultation
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IT Cooperation
Progress Report

1. Name of the Cooperation Area: IT Cooperation

2. Prime/ Co-Prime Mover Countries: Republic of Korea

3. Date of first activity organized: 2004

4. Progress since ACD 5 (May 2006):
- KADO (Korea Agency for Digital Opportunity and Promotion)
            - opened 10 courses and trained 120 ICT experts from 23 ACD countries
- KOICA (Korea International Cooperation Agency)
            - trained 142 ICT students from 15 ACD countries
            - dispatched 4 ICT experts to 3 ACD countries
            - sent 109 ICT volunteers to 13 ACD countries
            - implemented 5 ICT projects

5. Difficulties encountered/ Issues of concern: n/a
(if applicable)

6. Future activities:
- KADO opens ACD informatisation policy programme (4.24-5.3)
            - train 112 ICT students from 14 ACD countries
            - dispatch 2 ICT experts to 2 ACD countries
            - send 140 ICT volunteers to 14 ACD countries
            - implement 7 ICT projects

7. Issue(s) requiring Ministers’ decision or endorsement: n/a

8. Contact person (name/position/ organization):

Mr. Woansik Choi
Director, Global HRD Team
Korea Agency for Digital Opportunity & Promotion
Tel: +82-2-3660-2711-6
Fax: +82-2-3660-2719
Email: [email protected]

Jeon Ji Heh
Director, Region 1 Team
Tel: +82-2-740-5308
Fax: +82-2-744-1092
Email: [email protected]

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