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Human Resource Development
Progress Report

1. Name of Cooperation Areas: Human Resource Development

2. Prime/ Co – Prime Mover Countries: Viet Nam and Thailand

3. Date of first activity organized:

For ACD cooperation in Human Resource Development, Vietnam hosted the first ACD Seminar on “Community vocational training centers for Human Resource Development and Poverty reduction: Experiences of Vietnam and ACD countries” in Hanoi, 24 – 25 May 2006.
The Seminar’s main objectives are as follow:

- Share experience and exchange views on policies and measures to develop human resources for socio-economic development, focusing on the role of vocational training centers to promote human resource development and poverty reduction;
- Develop a network of contact and cooperation among ACD people and organizations on community vocational training centers for human resource development;

- Make recommendation on measures and policies to improve effectiveness of Community Vocational Training Centers in promoting human resource development;

- Identify some feasible areas of cooperation in human resource development. 

4. Difficulties encountered/Issued of concerned:

The Seminar attached great importance to human resource development in ACD countries and in Asia. The Seminar also highlighted the need for further consultation and exchange of views on human resource development and in particular vocational training and education among ACD member countries. However, lack of financial resources and a network of ACD institutes and focal points for cooperation in human resource development may hinder the effective cooperation and collaboration among ACD countries.

5. Issue(s) requiring Minister’s decision or endorsement: the Seminar recommended the 5 following issues to the ACD Ministers for considerations:

(i) establishing a network of vocational training institutes and centre among ACD member countries. For immediate actions, institutes of ACD countries represented at the Seminar will be the focal point for networking, exchanging of visit, and holding technical workshops and seminars in specific topics such as implementation process, curriculum development, training for hi-tech workers etc. The Seminar strongly encouraged other ACD member countries to participate in the network for ACD Human Resource Development in a voluntary manner.

(ii) Encouraging bilateral and tri-partite cooperation among ACD member countries, particularly among developing countries with assistance from international organizations and developed ACD member countries in human resource development and vocational training.

(iii) Recognising the need for financing follow-up activities in human resource development in ACD, the Seminar encouraged international organizations and organizations in charge of international cooperation in vocational training of ACD member countries consider to extend financial and technical assistance to cooperation activities among ACD countries in human resource development such as this first ACD Seminar.

(iv) A proposal was made to hold the second ACD workshop on vocational training or ACD Senior Official Meeting in charge of human resource development of labour affairs in a suitable time.

6. Contact person: The Seminar has complied a list of focal point of ACD institutes and organizations to be the focal point for follow-up activities.

Contact point for Viet Nam:
Vocational Science Research Centre, General Department for Vocational Training, Ministry of Labor, Invalids and Social Affairs

Address: 37B Nguyen Binh Khiem Street, Ha Noi- Vietnam
Tel: 844 9740 357
Fax: 844 975 202
E-mail [email protected]

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