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General Profile

Location: Northern Asia, between China and Russia Area: 1,564,116 sq km. Climate: desert; continental (large daily and seasonal temperature ranges) Terrain: vast semidesert and desert plains, grassy steppe, mountains in west and southwest; Gobi Desert in south-central Capital: Ulaanbaatar Administrative divisions: 21 provinces (aymguud) and 1 municipality (hot); Arhangay, Bayanhongor, Bayan-Olgiy, Bulgan, Darhan Uul, Dornod, Dornogovi, Dundgovi, Dzavhan, Govi-Altay, Govi-Sumber, Hentiy, Hovd, Hovsgol, Omnogovi, Orhon, Ovorhangay, Selenge, Suhbaatar, Tov, Ulaanbaatar, Uvs Population: 2,791,272 (2005 est.) Ethnic groups: Mongol (mostly Khalkha) 94.9%, Turkic (mostly Kazakh) 5%, other 0.1% Nationality: noun: Mongolian(s) adjective: Mongolian Languages: Khalkha Mongol 90%, Turkic, Russian Religions: Buddhist Lamaist 50%, no affiliation 40%, Shamanist and Christian 6%, Muslim 4% Literacy: 97.8%

Political Profile

Government type: mixed parliamentary/presidential Executive branch: chief of state: President Nambaryn ENKHBAYAR (since June 2005) head of government: Prime Minister Tsakhi ELBEGDORJ (since August 2004); Deputy Prime Minister Chultem ULAAN (since September 2004) cabinet: Cabinet appointed by the State Great Hural (parliament) in consultation with the president elections: Presidential candidates nominated by political parties represented in State Great Hural and elected by popular vote for a four-year term National Holiday: 11 July (1921) ACD Member: ACD Member since 2004 Prime Mover (PM) on Working Group: None Co-Prime Mover on Working Group: None Mongolia government official web site:

Economical Profile

Currency (code): togrog/tugrik (MNT) GDP: $6.01 billion (2005 est.) GDP per capita: $2,200 (2005 est.) Exports - commodities: copper, apparel, livestock, animal products, cashmere, wool, hides, fluorspar, other nonferrous metals Exports - partners: China , US , UK Imports - commodities: machinery and equipment, fuel, cars, food products, industrial consumer goods, chemicals, building materials, sugar, tea Imports - partners: Russia , China , Japan , South Korea , US Agriculture - products: wheat, barley, vegetables, forage crops, sheep, goats, cattle, camels, horses Industries: construction and construction materials; mining (coal, copper, molybdenum, fluorspar, and goal); oil; food and beverages; processing of animal products, cashmere and natural fiber manufacturing Source: The World Fact Book 2005 (

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