Prime Movers serve as catalyst of the ACD evolving process; both in dialogue and project dimensions.

In building up incremental and steady progress for ACD, Prime Movers may

consider drafting a concept paper on the area of cooperation that each country has expressed interest at the First ACD Dialogue, 18-19 June 2002, Cha-Am, or subsequently is interested in taking a lead.
initiate informal discussions with other ACD countries at both the public and private level.
invite ACD countries from the public, private and academic sectors to participate in an ACD symposium/seminar or informal gathering with a view to crystallizing the idea and obtaining wide support from ACD countries.
present the project and launch it at the next ACD dialogue, between 20-21 June 2003, Chiang Rai, Thailand.


The project is considered viable when the prime mover has a reasonable number of interested co-movers and participants from the ACD countries. The remaining countries could subsequently join in if and when they are ready.

Prime movers should recognize the need to avoid duplication of works with other forums though study papers and backgrounds from other forums may be of use. Projects should indeed add validity to the ACD which in turn serve as the missing link in Asia wide cooperation. Furthermore, dialogues at the level of policy makers should encourage further actions and decisions to be taken by avoiding the need for any additional mechanism.

18 July 2002

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