Invitation to the Training Course on Agricultural Biotechnologies of Asia Cooperation Dialogue

The Ministry of Agriculture of the People’s Republic of China (PRC) will host a training course on Agricultural Bio-technologies of Asia Cooperation Dialogue (ACD) on 15-21 August 2005 in Beijing, P. R. China.

1. Objective

In the Joint Initiative of the First Conference for Agricultural Ministers of the ACD which was held in Beijing, China on 22-23 May 2004, development policies, practical technology, sustainable development and rural development and poverty alleviation have been identified as cooperation priorities and agricultural professional training has been set as one of the ACD agricultural cooperation means.  To follow up the appealing of the Joint Initiative, the Ministry of Agriculture of the People’s Republic of China has planned to host ACD Agricultural Biotechnologies training course in Beijing, P. R. China on 15-21 August 2005.  The general objective of the training is to promote the dialogue on rural development strategies and cooperation on the agricultural bio-technologies among ACD member countries, exchange and share the latest researches and fruits on the agricultural biotechnologies and the policies related, thus strengthen the role of policies in agricultural sustainable development and promote the common agricultural development and prosperity in Asia.

2. Contents of the Training

The training course on agricultural biotechnologies will focus on:
(1) General introduction on the researches and applications of agricultural biotechnologies in China;
(2) Introduction on the laws and regulations related to the safety control of  applications of genetic modified organisms (GMOs) in China;
(3) Animal biotechnologies and genetic engineering vaccinum;
(4) The micro-biotechnologies and its applications;
(5) The researches and developments on the industrialization of genetic modified animals in China;
(6) The researches and applications on embryo transfer;
(7) The researches and evaluations on the bio-safety of genetic modified plants;
(8) The researches and development the genetic modified rice;
(9)  Plant tissue culturing and industrialization of cyto-engineering-technologies;
(10) The researches and applications on Bt Cotton.

In addition to the invited presentations by the Chinese experts and professors, the trainees are welcome to discuss on the above topics during the presentation and a half-day discussion. 

3.  Participants

Agriculture biotechnological scientists or government officials of agricultural agencies in ACD member countries and representatives fully familiar with the related field are welcome to participate the course. The
Chinese government will finance one delegate from each of ACD member countries, who will be either an agricultural biotechnological scientist, or a government official involving in agricultural biotechnological policy making or planning.

In addition to official delegates from ACD member countries, representatives from private sectors and research institutions in ACD member countries, international and regional organizations of Asian agricultural policy research and development are also warmly welcome to participate.

4.  Dates, Venue and Accommodation

The training course will be proceeded from 15 to 21 August 2005. Participants are expected to arrive in Beijing on 15 August 2005 to make registration.

The Venue of the training course is Beijing Yongan Hotel.
(please see Annex III for details)

5.  Tentative Program

(please see Annex I)

6.  Application

All participants are kindly requested to fill in the Application Form attached (see Annex II) and submit to the Ministry of Agriculture by Email or fax before 10 July 2005.

7. Contact person

Contact person in the Ministry of Agriculture, PRC is as follows:
Mr. Chunhe, CAI

Foreign Economic Cooperation Center
Ministry of Agriculture
E-mail: [email protected]
[email protected]

Annex I
Annex II
Annex III

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