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In South Asia ; between 20°34’ to 26°38’ north latitude and between 88 01 to 9241 east longitude; Maximum extension is about 440 km in E-W direction and 760 km in NNW-SSE direction

Dhaka, Metropolitan Area 360 sq. km.
147,570 sq. km. or 56,977 sq. miles

North-India : West Bengal and Meghalaya
West-India : West Bengal
East-India : Tripura& Assam and Myanmar
South : Bay of Bengal

Sub-tropical monsoon, Winter ( November-February) ,temperature :  
average maximum 29°C, average minimum 11°C ; Summer (March-June),
temperature : average maximum 32 °C, average minimum 21 °C ; Monsoon
( July-Oct.)

137 million ( estimate -2005)
  • by religion - Muslim (88.3%), Hindu (10.5%), Buddhist ( 0.6%), Christian ( 0.3%) and Animists and believers in tribal faiths ( 0.3%)
  • by ethnicity – Predominantly mixed group of Proto Austroloids /Dravidians, Mongoloids and Aryans
Flag and meaning

Green field with a large red disk shifted slightly to the hoist side of center; the red disk represents the rising sun and the sacrifice to achieve independence; the green field symbolizes the lush vegetation of Bangladesh.

National symbol

National day
March  26,  Independence and National Day  

National language: Bangle (95.5% speak Bangle and 0.5% other dialects). English is second most important language
political system
Parliamentary form ; president is the ceremonial head of the state and prime minister is the head of the government with full executive powers
key natural resources
natural gas, limestone, hard rock, coal, peat, lignite, silica sand, white clay, radioactive sand etc.  

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